Nobody has a crystal ball...


...and because of the coronavirus it is difficult for anybody to make plans. Our Board of Trustees has given the matter lots of thought, and has decided on our solution: we will move forward with selling subscriptions as we usually do, but with a special “out” for our subscribers.
OUR GUARANTEE (for the seasons in Walnut Creek and Palo Alto): If you subscribe to the 2021 season, at any time before the season starts in February you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund.  This guarantee allows you to reserve your seat now, knowing that you can change your mind later as you see fit.


For San Francisco, the guarantee applies to all packages of four concerts or more; you can cancel and get a full refund until the first concert of your package occurs.
Of course, this is strange from a business point of view!  However, we think it's the best way, the most practical way, to allow our patrons to handle this uncertain situation.  Our subscribers can now make their plans, we will take the risk, and then we all will adapt our plans to reality as things unfold.
For our part, we'll do our level best to present the concerts (it really is a fabulous season) but if it turns out to be necessary to cancel any concerts, we will do ticket refunds promptly.


Okay? With that in mind, I hope you will join us!


Daniel Levenstein


Chamber Music San Francisco